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Ask an Au Pair: Emily is inspired by all of Paris… the art, museums, architecture, cathedrals… and the healthy culture around food and mealtimes

What inspires you about Paris?
The art and the museums! And with that, comes all the history it represents. Additionally, the architecture is incredible. And you’re surrounded by it. From apartment buildings to sculptures to cathedrals. Also the food! I love that in Paris, there is a healthy culture around food and meal times. Most things are natural and in raw form. I love that. It’s helped me improve my health just by being around Parisians.

What is the best way to meet Parisians?
Through your host family (Ask them if they know anyone your age! You might be surprised) or through classes (yoga, dance, etc.).

How do you improve or master your French language skills?
Watch movies and read Asterix (comics are great because they have pictures but you don’t feel like you’re reading a book for children).

What is your favorite neighborhood?
Hôtel de Ville/Marais

What Can you describe a best meal you’ve had in Paris?
The best meal that I had in Paris was at La Cave Gourmande in Montmartre. I had escargots with pesto sauce, a white fish with a curry sauce, and duck fat fried potatoes. Plus wine! It was delicious. And the server was so nice to us!
However, I will say, that my second favorite meal was a picnic with friends at Trocadero, looking at the Eiffel Tower. We had fresh baguettes, chèvre, Camembert, cherry tomatoes, olives, wasabi peanuts, dark chocolate, hummus, champagne and so many other things! It was quite the spread. I would recommend having a picnic to anyone coming to Paris!

A favorite bar or café?
The Broken Arm café, 12 Rue Perrée, 75003 Paris. They had the best latté that I’ve ever had here. Plus they have free French newspapers lying around for you to read.

Favorite shop?
I haven’t done too much shopping. But I love the Bio c’ Bon stores. They have great healthy quick snacks and great produce.

A favorite museum?
Musée d’Orsay is probably my favorite museum. But I will say that the exhibit right now at the Louis Vuitton foundation with the impressionist painting collection of Sergei Shchukin is the best exposition that I’ve ever seen. It’s hosted at the Louis Vuitton foundation until Feb 20 2017. But I wish it was a permanent exhibit. Absolutely awe inspiring. I could spend hours there every day and still discover something new

What is your favorite secret Paris spot?
Le Centre du Monde. It’s a restaurant in the 5th arrondissement. It doesn’t look like much from above. But they have a lower level of the restaurant with great lighting and affordable drinks! Plus the music is great. It has a sort of speak-easy environment that is perfect for drinks with friends.

What do you dislike most about living in Paris?
Everything is very expensive. Whenever I eat out of the house, or buy a coffee, I’m spending more money that I plan to.

What advice would you give to incoming au pairs?
Everything is very expensive. Whenever I eat out of the house, or buy a coffee, I’m spending more money that I plan to.
It’s also difficult living in a country where your native language is different from your native language. That comes with many challenges. But it’s important to keep practicing and still get out of the house!
And of course, it’s far from the United States. I wish I could fly home at the drop of a hat. But it’s far too expensive for me. That’s frustrating when things happen at home that you wish you could be there for (like Thanksgiving, Christmas, births, funerals, etc.).

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