Au Pair FAQs

What is the advantage to finding a family through Au Pair Paris instead of doing it for free online?

In addition to our one-on-one personalized approach to finding you an appropriate host family, our fee includes:

  • Guidance with the paperwork and visa process, including a notarized translation of your high school or college diploma
  • Creating a personalized match with a qualified host family residing in Paris and the Parisian metropolitan region (within quick easy access to Paris by public transportation)
  • Follow-up and assistance when you arrive in France including guidance for your host families to make sure they understand the terms of the au pair arrangement
  • Organized meetings and social gatherings to introduce you to other Au Pair Paris au pairs
  • Our best attempt to place you with another family should there be irreconcilable differences

You receive a full refund if we are unable to introduce you to a host family.

What is the normal duration of an au pair stay?

The duration of stay is generally 10 months (the academic school year beginning in September). We have a smaller number of families seeking an au pair in January, for 6 months, but this can vary according to the family’s needs. Although we occasionally hear from families who seek au pairs at other times of the year, we do not have a summer program.

How will I get from the airport to my host family’s home?

Your host family will either meet you at the airport or arrange for your transportation home.

Do all host families live in Paris?

All host families live within the greater metropolitan Paris area, many within Paris itself. You will be given a local transportation pass at no charge. We personally visit each host family home to ensure comfortable and safe surroundings. Our host families live close to public transportation.

What is involved in the mandatory French class and how much does it cost?

The 10-hour per week class, which can include some independent study, is a visa requirement and lasts the entire duration of your stay. There is a large assortment of language schools throughout Paris, and we will offer you a list of suggestions, based on our research and feedback from current and recent au pairs. The cost of these classes vary, but begin at a bit below 1200€.

How long does the application process take?

From the time a match is made, it can be as short as three weeks or as long as eight weeks, but generally takes from four to six weeks. During this time, we send a packet including forms and information you have provided to the appropriate department (D.I.R.E.C.C.T.E. – Direction Régionale des Entreprises, de la Concurrence, de la Consommation, du Travail et de l’Emploi) in Paris. They will approve the Accord after which it will expedited to you to bring to your visa appointment. We will assist you with this process.

How will my work-day be structured?

Au pair jobs and duties can vary. You will be asked to work a maximum of 30 hours per week. This includes up to two evenings of babysitting. You will have some or even all weekends off, depending on your preferences and the family. A typical weekday will include getting up with the children and bringing them to school in the morning, and then picking them up between 3:30 and 4:30 pm, except for Wednesdays, when you may be needed all afternoon since in Paris most schools close early on Wednesdays. You will be compensated for hours you agree to work overtime, either in exchange for fewer hours at another time or with extra payment at minimum wage.

What happens when the host family takes a vacation, with or without me?

If you accompany the family on their vacation with childcare obligations, the same conditions apply as with any normal work week. If the family invites you to join them but does not require you to work, you are still expected to help out as a family member (meal preparation, etc).

If the family does not invite you to join them, you are entitled to full room and board and your weekly stipend, but your family can ask you to make up the hours within the next few weeks.

If the family does invite you to join them but you decline, you will have your lodging, but the family is not obliged to provide meals.

When am I entitled to paid vacation?

You are entitled to one week’s paid vacation every six months (however the timing can vary). Additional time off (paid or unpaid) can be worked out between you and your host family. Your host family will normally not object if you wish to spend the winter holidays with your family back home.

Do I need to have a driver's license?

You do not need a driver’s license to participate in Au Pair Paris, and very few of our host families will require it.

Is there anyone I can contact in Paris if I need help or advice that my host family is unable to provide?

Yes, we offer information and support throughout your stay, and if you have specific questions or concerns we will be happy to assist you and will be checking in periodically as well. In addition, we introduce you to all other Au Pair Paris au pairs.

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