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Ask an Au Pair: Courtney is learning more about herself than she had ever imagined from this experience. Her advice: “Do it!”

What inspires you about Paris?
Parisian atmosphere/mentality, everything seems to be executed perfectly but effortlessly.

What is the best way to meet Parisians?
Through your host parents or conversation exchange websites. So many Parisians want to improve their English, so they’re very happy to meet you and help you with your French in exchange!

How do you improve or master your French language skills?
Speak it all. the. time. Do not be afraid to mess up (trust me, the French will correct you). I’ve learned that as long as you are using the correct verb, a Parisian will understand what you are trying to say (and if they’re patient enough they will tell you how to say the correct sentence!) Just don’t be afraid to speak French! I’ve been told that the French are just as nervous to speak English!

What is your favorite neighborhood?
Mine! The 9th has been my favorite since I’ve moved here.

What Can you describe a best meal you’ve had in Paris?
This is a little bizarre, but Jaipur Café on rue des Messageries has the best Indian food in the world! Also Paperboy on rue Amelot is an English speaking brunch cafe that may serve the most expensive but satisfying brunch I’ve had in Paris.

A favorite bar or café?
Cafe Delmas (it doesn’t have the best food, but if you want the best people watching spot, go here in the Latin Quarter!)

Favorite shop?
Anywhere in Le Marais, too many to choose from.

A favorite museum?
While the Louvre is everything beautiful it’s been cracked up to be (honestly it’s mind blowing!) The Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle has been the coolest so far.

What is your favorite secret Paris spot?
On a school “field trip” my teacher took us to these “hidden” passages which were essentially tunnels leading us to adorable little shops and restaurants I would have never glanced at otherwise. Passage de Panaromas is my favorite.

What do you dislike most about living in Paris?
The dog poo. Also, zipper up your valuables! There are pickpockets on the metro and around touristy attractions.

What advice would you give to incoming au pairs?
Do it! This is the best decision I’ve made in a while, I’m learning so much more about myself than I ever imagined through this experience. (And if you do decide to be an Au Pair: overpack. Trust me, you’ll change up your look within the first month in France and you’ll be happy you packed some extra outfits.)

Get to know Paris, from an au pair’s perspective. Our “Ask an Au Pair” series was so popular that we’ve decided to continue it with our next round of au pairs! We pose a dozen questions about the City of Light to those who are seeing it with fresh eyes and learning all of its wonderful intricacies. And, we decided to expand this series by adding a question about adapting to life in Paris after the 2015 terrorist attacks.

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